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Holiday Rep Ticket Diploma Course

Travel & Tourism course tutor.
"The holiday rep ticket course have been a great success with our students.
The content was invaluable to their assignments. The ease of them being able to login when they wanted was also very good."








































































































































































































The Holiday Rep Ticket Diploma Training Course is an online course for your students with training modules giving them a valuable insight into being a holiday rep, along with recruitment help for those who may need it.


The course is completed online and there is no time limit set to complete them. All exams are marked by us and their progress can be seen with their online progress report. If your students get stuck they will have their own course tutor to help them. After completion of the modules they will be issued with the tour operator approved Holiday Rep Ticket Diploma.


All students will also get full recruitment help from their own recruitment advisor and application forms, recruitment videos to help them with their holiday rep interviews.Children's Reps Working Overseas This service is ongoing and can be used by them at anytime.

Cost is charged per licence  - i.e. 10 students you will need 10 licences. The normal cost is 75, but this will be discounted depending on the number of licences you require. For a quotation or free trial then please use the interest form.


For a free trial please click here


The 12 modules are:


Module 1 - What are the different roles and requirements needed?

So what are the requirements needed to become a holiday rep and what role would suit me?

There are many misconceptions about what is needed to become a rep, so we have put together the requirements and the responsibilities for each role for most tour operators. In this module you will find the basic requirements needed to become a holiday rep.

Module 2 - What qualities are they looking for?

As you are the face of the tour operator you are normally the first person the holiday maker sees. An approachable, friendly and welcoming manner are vital to make the holiday maker feel instantly at ease.

Understanding the qualities needed will benefit you when attending your holiday rep interviews and make you a better holiday rep whilst in resort.


Module 3 - The importance of teamwork

Although working as a holiday rep you will be required to work on your own initiative you will also be faced with many situations that would require you to communicate and work in teams. This is a vital ingredient within the role of a holiday representative.

This module will help you at your interview when role playing in group activities, as well as helping in the role when working as a rep.

Module 4 - A breakdown of the different duties as a rep

Being a holiday rep means that your work load can be varied from day to day. However here is a break down of the typical duties you may need to do to get a taste of what will be expected of you.

This is a great module and will answer all those questions you have about what being a holiday rep is really all about.



Module 5 - Paperwork required as a rep

Paper work plays a huge part when working as a holiday rep and this must be completed within certain deadlines, this is where experience of admin will be particularly beneficial to you. Some resorts design their own forms to suit particular needs for that resort. This module will cover the most common forms used by tour operators.



Module 6 - Welcome meetings and basic selling skills

Welcome meetings are a weekly or even daily occurrence for reps and are primarily designed so that holiday makers receive the information they need to know and the excursions which the tour operator has to offer.
In this module we are going to break down the parts which form the basis of a welcome meeting. This module will give you some great tips to help you once working in resort to earn some extra euros.



Module 7 - Importance of customer service

Customer service is a term that some people have a vast knowledge about and some people not very much. If you are working in a customer environment such as in a shop, a restaurant, a hairdressers you will have already gained plenty of customer service experience. But what is the definition of customer service?

Great module to give you the know how on how to act whilst in resort, but also to help you at your interview.


Module 8 - How to deal with complaints

Unfortunately, it is a fact of life that holiday reps will have to deal with complaints and the majority of these will be brought to your attention when visiting your hotels. The day after arrival can be particularly busy when guests will come to see you about aspects of their accommodation or the resort that they are not happy with. However complaints can happen at any time and you may have to deal with holiday makers dissatisfied in many situations.


Module 9 - Health & Safety

Holidays are the time of year your holiday makers look forward to, where they can relax and enjoy themselves. As a holiday representative your main role is to make sure that the holiday makers stay is an enjoyable one. However, you are also responsible for ensuring the safety of the holiday maker whilst staying in their accommodation. Because foreign standards of health and safety are very different from those we have in the UK, tour operators are governed to complete a regular fire and safety audit for all of their hotels and accommodations.



Module 10 - Liquidation, maths & money conversion

Liquidation is quite a big part of a holiday reps duties and one of the most important as reps that don't get the hang of it tend to not last long as they simply cant afford to do so. A rep will be given a kitty fund which they can use for giving change and providing refunds and compensation. Liquidation is basically making sure that the money in their kitty balances at the end of each day.



Module 11 - How to conduct presentations at your interview

Here you will find vital information about giving presentations at your Holiday Rep interview successfully. This is a vital part of the recruitment process and a great module that will have feeling more confident about presenting.




Module 12 - What the tour companies are looking for at your Holiday rep Interview

Here you will find vital information about completing your application forms, designing a CV and how to get through a Holiday Rep interview successfully.

All the information included in this module has been sourced from major tour operators and experts within the field of recruitment.




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