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The Holiday Rep Ticket Course is The Only Tour Operator Approved Course to help you become a holiday rep



The Holiday Rep Ticket Diploma Training Course - click here (will open in a new window). will give you full support in completing your application forms. 99% of candidates using this service will receive interviews plus guaranteed interviews with major tour companies. This is why tour operators will actually recommend that potential candidates should complete the course before applying. 


The training course is recognised by all major tour operators and is completed all online with instant access. Candidates completing the diploma course are very desirable as the tour operators are guaranteed that they will have good quality applicants who have an understanding of the job they are applying for. 


Clup Reps Working Overseas

The course is completed online and takes about 20-30 hours to complete the study modules and there is no time limit set to complete them. If you get stuck you also have your own course tutor to help you. After completion of the modules you will be issued with your Holiday Rep Ticket Diploma.



Children's Reps Working Overseas

You also get full recruitment help from your own recruitment advisor and application forms, recruitment videos to help you with your holiday rep interviews.

Total cost is 85 - Once payment is made you have access to your course 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for as long as you need.





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