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Japan Airlines operate both scheduled and non-scheduled transport services.  As of January 2004 they have a total of 6,574 cabin crew members working for them and have 107offices worldwide.  JAL have 280 aircrafts in their fleet.

As a cabin attendant with JAL, you will be one of our European crew working with Japanese crew in flights mainly between Europe and Japan.

Full training will be given, initially 7 weeks in London, followed by 6 weeks in Tokyo. Throughout this time you will not only learn about the culture of Japan, all aspects of in-flight service, emergency and first aid procedures but you will also acquire conversational skills in Japanese.

Once trained, there will follow a month of on-line training where you will fly as extra crew members and have the opportunity to put your newly learned skills into practice. Thereafter you will be one of our fully-fledged cabin attendants.

Once on-line as a crew member you will be rostered to fly on trips lasting up to 9 days. Each month you will receive 10 days off at your home base. The trips will give you stopovers in such locations as Amsterdam, Milan, Osaka, Paris, Rome, Sydney and of course, Tokyo.

An initial interview will be held, followed on the same day with a more in-depth second interview. If successful you will be invited to a Final Board interview followed by a full medical examination. You will also need to live within a 45mile radius of Heathrow Airport, our UK base.

Assuming you pass our medical examination, we will offer you an attractive salary and we will look forward to welcoming you on board when you start your training with us.

Requirements needed to be Cabin Crew for JAL:

  • Aged at least 20 years on entry.

  • Possess a friendly, outgoing, and confident personality.

  • The ability to remain calm and efficient under pressure.

  • Be between 1.60m - 1.75m (female) and 1.65m - 1.80m (male) with weight in proportion.

  • Be in an excellent state of health.

  • Contact lenses are permitted whilst on duty. (Glasses are not permitted).

  • Hold a valid passport with a visa to live in and work freely from the UK.

  • Be punctual and have a good attendance record.

  • A Level standard (or European equivalent) of education is required.

  • A high standard of written and spoken English is essential.

  • Fluency in the French, Italian or Spanish language is required.

  • Applicants must be willing to relocate to live with a 45-mile radius of Heathrow Airport.